Immersion Weekend 2020 – “Raus aus der Box”

Immersion Weekend 2020 – “Raus aus der Box”

Teachers are always looking for new and innovative methods to capture the interest of students, especially in a foreign language environment.  We would like to provide teachers with ideas on how to utilize break-out boxes much like an escape room to add adventure and fun while learning the language. When utilizing the boxes, students have to solve tasks in the target language to “break open” the boxes and reach their price/incentive.  It promotes critical thinking skills and can be applied to all instructional levels.

The purpose of this weekend is to train German teachers on how to use and create break-out boxes for instructional classroom time for a variety of topics ranging from, grammar, vocabulary, listening and reading skills, cultural knowledge and cross-curricular activities.

The break-out boxes will promote an interactive learning environment as well as combine  critical thinking skills and working in a group with fun and adventure while learning the target language or gain cultural knowledge.  During the workshop, a digital data bank of the ideas will be created. Participants will also be able to apply ideas immediately in their classrooms upon return.  Capturing the interest of students to learn German will  increase enrollment in German, improve classroom instruction, and encourage cross-curricular activities with other subject areas.

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